1. What is it?

A (long) weekend at the Lodge at Crooked Lake in Siren, WI (those who have been to OmegaCon in the past know what a great spot this is!) at which both adults and kids are welcome. Families cab share a room with their kids or get them their own rooms. Adults do what adults typically do at OmegaCon without all the programming: i.e., game, play video games, watch movies, hang out and chat, knit, craft, do puzzles, go for walks on the nature trail, hit the pool/hot-tub/sauna, etc. Kids are free to do those things, too, but are not bound by their parents’ choices, and can enjoy the lodge and nearby areas on their own so their parents don’t have to worry about them. (That said, note that there are no baby-sitting services, so parents are responsible for their kids’ behavior and safety.)

2. When is it?

Attendees are arriving as early as Wednesday evening, Feb. 28, 2024 and departing as late as Monday morning, March 4, 2024. Most people are arriving Thursday evening and departing Sunday.

3. What is the cost?

Registration is $60 per person regardless of age. This covers the rental of the public spaces we’ll be using and helps to subsidize Big Bear (kitchen suite) and Bullwinkle’s Palace (adults-only bar and gaming area). Participants pay for their hote room themselves (we have a $125 group rate for standard rooms—use the code you’ve been sent by email—that is good for bookings made by Jan. 19, 2024). Suites with king bed, fireplace, and whirlpool, or a two-room triple are also available if you’d like to spend a little extra. (See the website for info on the Lodge and its rooms.)

4. But, wait, I don’t have kids!

A number of adults who don’t have kids but who are tolerant of kids being around are attending. Please join us!

5. What about food, drinks, and programming?

This is a super-casual relax-a-Con, so these things will just be taken care of casually and organically. Big Bear will be open 10AM - 6PM Friday and Saturday for people to prepare food. (Note that you will not be able to store food in this space.) We’re working on having some drinks on tap in Bullwinkle’s Palace, which will be open noon - midnight Thursday - Saturday for adults-only gaming and hanging out. Drinks to share can also be stored here. There’s no programming per se, but we’ll have the large Gandy Dancer room (fireplace, tons of gaming tables and space) and Trapper’s Cabin (kids-only space) Thursday through Sunday. If someone wants to organize a game of Salad Bowl, bingo, Iron Bartender competition, Saturday AM cartoons, or a cribbage tournament, please do!

Snooty Reception: This will be Friday night, March 1 at 7PM in Bullwinkle’s Palace. All adults are welcome to attend. Please consider bringing a nice/special bottle of wine, a cheese pairing, and some water crackers for an impromptu/informal wine tasting!

6. Who’s running the show and taking care of the (minimal) logistics and communications?

That would be the Stull kids. You know them as Matt(hew) Bribitzer-Stull and Emily Stull Richardson. Contact one of us with questions or problems before or during the Con.

7. Wait, are you competing with/abandoning OmegaCon?!?

No! Rest assured, we love OmegaCon and hope to continue attending. You should check it out if you’ve never been (see link above). It’s awesome! That said, OmegaCon is not a place for kids, hence our desire to find another weekend during the year for something like this.

8. What’s the COVID policy?

We can’t predict what will happen with COVID in the future, nor will we sell out the Lodge and be the only people in public areas like reception, the pool, and the breakfast nook. So, we’re leaving this up to personal discretion rather than enforcing any hard-and-fast rules. That said, we strongly urge all participants to be fully vaccinated (including the most recent booster), to take a COVID test before coming to the Con, and to mask whenever they wish. If conditions worsen to the point where local, state, and/or federal authorities are urging or requiring people to isolate/social distance, we will work with the Lodge to either find a later date or return registration fees to everyone and cancel the Con.

9. Where do I double-check other details?

If you’re attending, you should have a link to a spreadsheet with names of attendees, confirmation that you’ve paid registration, room to record games you’ll be bring (or want others to bring) and lots of other information. Check that for anything not on this site.

10. Cancellation Policy:

If your circumstances change and you can’t join us, you can get 100% of your room deposit back if you cancel no later than 24 hours before your reservation starts. Unfortunately, we have signed a contract that commits us to $2,295 plus tax in expenses to the Lodge for rental of the public spaces (Gandy Dancer, Trapper’s Cabin) and subsidies on Big Bear and Bullwinkle’s (also public spaces for most of the Con). We collected a grand total of $2,460 in registrations (including those that Matt’s and Emily’s families paid), so we’re not able to offer any refunds. That said, if we hold this event in the future, we’re willing to waive registration for those who had to cancel.